Why I Finally Went To The Doctor


My whole life I have loved going to the doctor. Seriously, I loved researching my symptoms, self-diagnosing myself, and then going to the doctor and seeing if I was right. In fact, I diagnosed myself with Raynauds before a single doctor uttered the word.

Then, I started having some problems I was embarrassed about.

For whatever reason, our society has created the impression that lady problems are something we need to keep quiet about. Cramps are nothing some Midol can’t fix and if you’re bleeding too much, just get a super tampon. When my problems started happening, I wasn’t sure what to say that wouldn’t have the same response I have heard time and time again.


I have been on birth control for over half of my life. I just turned 24, so quite a long time. I have had terrible cysts and irregular periods since I was a young girl. I started off on the pill and couldn’t remember to take it – I was a kid, what would one expect? Then, in high school, I did a typical me move and researched all of the new birth controls out there and found the Nuva Ring. Ah, the saving grace of my menstrual cycle. I was on the Nuva Ring from 15 to the August before my 21st birthday. My body was pretty used to and RELIED on added hormones to keep my cycle in check and my cysts from hurting.

Eventually, I got tired of thinking about changing my ring every month. And I was sick of getting a period. My cramps were always pretty bad, but thanks to the beloved Nuva Ring, they were normal. I went into research mode, again. After a few quick Google searches, I found this thing called an IUD. I was amazed.


5 years of no baby.

Little to no period.

No thinking about changing your ring or taking the pill.

I was sold.

I went to my mom with this newer birth control and begged her to let me get it. After a few trips to my gyno, I had it put in.

I love the Mirena IUD. I can not say enough great things about it. My periods completely went away, I had no cramping, and I was worry free.

But, my body disagreed.

About a year and a half after getting my IUD, I started having random, painful cramps and bleeding. And I’m not just talking about “take a midol and get a heating pad” cramps, I am talking doubled over in pain, cannot move without being in excruciating pain, so much blood that it literally looks like a mass murder happened, vomiting, cramps and bleeding.

If I didn’t know better, I would have questioned if I was miscarrying.


Then, one night, it was the worst pain. I never imagined I could hurt so bad. I threw up over the pain. I couldn’t be in any position without hurting. I couldn’t stand without crying. The pain was so bad that I woke up at 3 AM – and I hardly wake up throughout the night.

That morning I went to my doctor for an emergency appointment. My doctor said I had a blood filled cyst that was leaking and I would be fine soon enough. I was sent home with some antibiotics and the hope that this would be over.

I was wrong.

It continued to happen. I was bleeding 29/30 days a month. I stopped working out because when I would run I would get horrible pain and gush blood. I stopped wearing certain clothes because I knew I would get in pain at some point of the day and wanted to be comfortable.

I knew this wasn’t normal, but my doctor said it was.

From March through July I constantly was researching what was going on with me. I thought PCOS for sure. I finally found a doctor that was experienced in my problems and went for an appointment the first week of August.

During that first visit, I started to cry. I finally had some answers and knew I wasn’t crazy…

Stay tuned for the next post about what answers the doctor gave me…

xo, Felly

The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian

The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian

I went to the happiest place on earth – DISNEY WORLD! Everything was gorgeous and more than I remembered it to be. However, being a vegetarian, eating out can be hard. Sometimes the only option for a vegetarian is a salad – which I do not consider to be a true meal choice. While in Mickey’s home, I did some searching and found some of the best and worst places for my veggie friends to eat.


The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian
Tiffins was… what is a better word for life changing? First off, the place only takes reservations so you do not have to worry about groups coming in right before your time slot and pushing you back. That made this hungry girl so happy. When you walk in, they immediately show you where the restrooms are and then sit you at a table. The waiter explained all of the art around us, including totem poles that are made out of the same material as the Tree Of Life.

Looking at the menu, there was only one vegetarian option for appetizers and one for the meal, as well. When the waiter came back, I asked him if there were any other meatless options. The waiter was willing to create an entirely new plate just for me to eat. He also had substitutions for other meals on the menu, too. Tiffins was extremely accommodating and delicious.

For my appetizer, I ordered a cheese plate. Because, cheese is life. Although I am lactose intolerant, I will never turn now a good bite of cheese. The plate came with a few cheeses and pieces to dip them with.

For my yummy meal, I had the Autumn Harvest plate. Oh, my lanta – it was too good. Lentils, squash, sweet potatoes, and so many other veggies. I was stuffed after this plate.

Even though my belly was full and my pants were getting tighter and tighter, I had to have dessert. I opted for the dark chocolate treat. The caramelized bananas were the perfect touch.

Another great part of Tiffins is that with your lunch tickets, you can opt to get front and center seats for the River Lights show. It was spectacular so I 10/10 recommend.

Belle’s Castle – Be Our Guest Restaurant 
The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian

Before actually walking into Belle’s castle, I never understood the hype. When I first walked in, I teared up. Mesmerizing. The hostess seats you while you hold Lumiere – he is lighting the way to your seat! Such a precious way to start the meal.

Then, you take your seat. We ate for dinner, but I have heard the lunch meal is quite different when it comes to the experience. Next to our table was the gorgeous Christmas tree and the magical windows. You could see the snow falling!

Belle’s castle was pretty great for vegetarians. There were multiple appetizers and entrees to fill you up. I went with the french onion soup (SO DELICIOUS! So many onions in every bite.). For my main meal, I had the risotto. Essentially, a rice with veggies and a good sauce. It looked pretty small and I thought “Really?!” I love to eat. Surprisingly, it filled me up. The flavor was delicious! Then, my favorite course of them all – DESSERT. Belle’s castle has a signature dessert called The Grey Stuff. It is essentially an oreo flavored cheesecake dessert. I enjoyed every bite.

Liberty Tree Tavern
The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian
The third runner up for this vegetarians taste palette was Liberty Tree Village. Our waiter was phenomenal. He offered so many alternatives to the actual menu, which was great considering this restaurant was very pro-meat (hence, the olden days when they mainly ate meat). I had sweet corn nuggets for my appetizer and boy were they good!

For my entree, I had a pasta. To be honest, I don’t remember it much because it was a basic, marinara pasta. I was grateful, though, because there weren’t a ton of options on the menu and the waiter was able to make this meal meat free.

Dessert. If you haven’t learned my now, dessert is my favorite part of every day, every meal, and every date back when I was hunting for my man. Liberty Tree Village had a delicious Boston Cream Pie and my, oh my, it delivered to my taste buds like you wouldn’t believe.

Now, for the worst restaurants…

The Boathouse
I wanted to eat here so badly, and it was horrible. There is no other way to put it into words, but the experience wasn’t great, the waiter wasn’t close to great, and the food was just… not worth the price. First of all, the only vegetarian option on the menu was a pasta that I would have made better out of a box. I asked the waiter if there were any other options on the menu that could be made vegetarian, and he just said no. Did not even check. It is Disney World – the happiest place on earth – and a restaurant isn’t prepared to be more accommodating to guests with different food preferences?

50’s Prime Time Eatery
The atmosphere here was wonderful! It was like jumping in a time machine back to when eating with your elbows on the table was a huge no no. I loved this place, but I do not think it is a top place for vegetarians. Their desserts were lovely, but that’s where it ends.

1900 Park Ave
Again, the experience here was phenomenal. Cinderella, Prince Charming, the evil step mother, and the evil step sisters were there. The characters were overwhelmingly great – well, Cinderella was a let down, but the sisters were awesome. However, the food was meh. The portions were small. The strawberry soup was great, though.

There you have it, Disney lovers. The best and worst restaurants for vegetarians to eat at in Disney World! Where is your favorite restaurant?! I hope you enjoyed The BEST and WORST Places To Eat at Disney For a Vegetarian!

xo, Felly

I Got In A Car Accident!!!

Hello my lovely friends! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my Insta Story where I was wearing a neck brace. SO many of you sent questions and good thoughts. Now, I’ll tell you what happened.

On Christmas Eve I was driving to work. I know, right? Working on Christmas Eve until 8 PM plus my 1.5 hour drive – definitely not ideal! It was the first snow of the year which should have been a sign to me to not leave the house. I did not even get 2 miles from our home when I went airborne off the road. I was hitting a 3 way stop and my car would not stop. It was so scary. To try and save myself from going into the ditch, I tried to turn my wheel to make the other road. BAD choice. Instead, it took my car AIRBORNE into a drop ditch on the passenger side. My seatbelt didn’t catch me and I flew up and busted my head so hard onto the rear view mirror. By hard I mean that the mirror shattered and then the actual mirror was hanging down by a cord. My body then went towards the passenger seat and I woke up with my head on that seat.

Luckily for me, Jake was able to come help me. My car is in terrible condition – I am so sad. When I hear more about that, I’ll update you.

Jake took me to the hospital. I had hit my head pretty hard and my neck was hurting like crazy. They put me in a neck brace and did a couple scans of my head and neck. A small concussion, a neck sprain, cuts on my head, and a lot of bruises are all that I got. Lucky me.

There ya go. That’s why I posted a selfie in a neck brace. Didn’t I look too cute?

Stay safe! Xo,


Amazon Prime Christmas Gifts + GIVEAWAY

Hi guys! Can you believe we are just one week away from Christmas?! This year has flown by. It will be our first and only Christmas as an engaged couple. I am so excited to celebrate the days with family. However, if you are anything like me and still need to pick up a few gifts, Amazon Prime will be the answer. So many companies have their Christmas arrival cut off, but with Prime you get it in 2 days!!! Check out my last minute gift guide.

Polaroid cameras are perfect for the memory lover in your life!

Everyone could use a good pair of headphones and these are incredible AND stylish.

I swear by the Clarisonic for cleansing my face. It has changed the game. This gift will be able to be used for years and years to come. Every time they pick it up, they will think of you.

Hunter Rainboots are a necessity!

If you know someone that is into photography, this kit is incredible!

For the fashionista in your life, this pink purse is perfect!

I am obsessed with my iPad Pro. I often can use it instead of my laptop which saves for space on the go! Anyone would love this.

For years I have wanted to get a DNA test. This one gives Ancestry AND Health results! Such a wonderful gift for anyone.

With the holidays upon us, I decided to team up with some of my favorite bloggers and bring you an amazing giveaway. One lucky reader will win a $650 gift card to Nordstrom.

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6 Wedding Trends You’ll Want To Use in 2018

6 Wedding Trends You’ll Want To Use in 2018

wedding trends


wedding trendsPhoto credit: Pinterest


Puppies with Flowers

This trend is something I can get behind 110%. Seriously, if I was having a Royal Wedding, pups would be the only people in the wedding. Besides me and the king, of course!


wedding trendsPhoto Credit: Pinterest


Marble Decor

Not only is marble aesthetically pleasing, it is aso going to be very popular among weddings in 2018. Marble invitations, decor, and place settings will be all the rage.

wedding trendsPhoto Credit: Moncheri Bridal


Sweetheart Tables

What is more romantic than sitting with your honey, eating a delicious meal that cost $20 a person, and watching your guests swoon over your beautiful day? Sitting together with no distractions from others. Yes, celebrating with your loved ones is so important, but in 2018 couples will want to have time to enjoy their wedding together. Not just in a dance or photo, but during their reception as well.


wedding trendsPhoto Credit: Style Me Pretty


Ditching the Dinner

Millennial couples are spending more money on experiences and less on traditions. In 2018, cut back on your expensive meals or wedding cake. Instead, sub in appetizer trays, themed food bars, and dessert bars. Think cupcake towers and donut walls.

wedding trendsPhoto Credit: Green Wedding Shoes


Colored Dresses

Many brides are taking the white out of their dresses. Blush, blue, and champagne colored gowns will be the center of many weddings.


wedding trendsPhoto Credit: Jess Owesly


No Wedding Party

Similar to ditching dinners, many couples will be celebrating their union with small wedding parties or none at all. Intimate weddings days are more wanted than ever in 2018.

Online Wedding Planning
Seriously, wedding planning is expensive AF. Luckily, we have WeddingWire to help us plan FOR FREE. Cutting costs in wedding planning is a must, so saving money by using WeddingWire can cut up to $3000 that an in person wedding planner would charge. Thanks so much to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post.