My FAVORITE Advocare Recipes

It is no secret that I love Advocare. If you guys have been reading for a while, you are well aware that I lost a ton of weight during my first challenge. Check out that post if you’re interested in reading about that.

Many people have asked me how I like to eat during my 24 Day Challenge… I like to eat. A lot. Sometimes, I overindulge. I have found some healthy recipes that incorporate spark and meal replacement shakes. They are too good. Read on to discover the yumminess.

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How I Made $300 in 3 Days on Poshmark

Have you been short on cash lately? I know that post-holiday blues have settled in, especially when checking our bank accounts (at least for me). Out of plain curiosity, I decided to download Poshmark.  I downloaded Poshmark a few years back and never really sold anything, so I wasn’t expecting too much. I had a complete opposite response, though.

I started off by listing some dresses I bought for New Years Eve that I wasn’t able to wear because I was sick. I then added some random jewelry, Kylie Cosmetics I didn’t really like, and some shoes. Everything sold so quickly. I became addicted and kept adding things… I now have 76 listings.

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Like any social media (because that is basically what Poshmark is), there is a strategy to it. You need followers for your items to be seen. You need your followers to share your items to give them – or you – more exposure. How did I accomplish this?

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FREE Funny Kitchen Picture Images | FREE DOWNLOAD

These are some super cute signs you can print off to use as gifts or for your own home! I personally printed mine off on my printer on regular paper. I then trimmed them to fit an 8×10″ frame. They are hanging above my cabinets and add some sarcasm to my kitchen.

To download, click this link. It is a free download from my new store, which I have been working on FOREVER! It is called Felly Bee (go figure, right?).

Download yours, use them, and tag me on Instagram @fellybee. I can’t wait to see them!

xo, Felly

This Weeks Makeup | All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free Makeup

I have recently started using a lot of makeup from Brija Cosmetics. These products meet the qualification for my must have with makeup: cruelty free. That being said, they have so many other plus sides, too. They are vegan, gluten free, dye free, and uses organic oils. It is amazing! The quality is top notch and I highly, highly recommend you check them out if you are a makeup lover like myself. Read on to see how I did this look:

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