BABIES FIRST QUILT | Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial

Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial

Hi friends! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been on the hunt for my little one’s first quilt. I wanted to make something cute, easy, and timeless that she can keep for her future kiddo’s. I found the next photo on Pinterest, but couldn’t find a pattern, so my grandma helped me figure out what to do.

Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial

This quilt comes out to be 42×42 inches, so we determined the following:

  • Each square is finished at 7 inches x 7 inches
  • Each triangle is finished at 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches

Here’s what you need:

6 fat quarters of various fabrics

1 yard of a solid color (I chose white)

1.5 yard of minky fabric

I tend to overbuy my fabric in case I make a mistake. It allows me to make extra squares in case something goes wrong while sewing tha baby quilt.


Step One:

For your first step, you are going to iron your fabric and cut 7.5 inch squares of your solid colors and your white. Determine how many square you want of each color and cut that many. For white, you are going to cut the same amount of squares you cut for the total of the printed fabrics. For example, I had 7 squares of each fabric cut and 6 fabrics. That equals 42 squares of printed fabric, so I would need 42 white squares.

Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial

Step Two:

The easiest way I have found to create triangles is this little trick. You will put a printed square and white square together, with wrong sides facing each other (so on the inside). You will draw a line down the middle at a diagonal and sew at ¼ inch seam on both side of the line. After that is completed, you will cut the squares apart along the line you previously drew.

When you cut and unfold these squares, it will have created a new square with two triangles.

Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial

Step Three:

Lay your pattern out and begin to sew. I prefer sewing each square in a row together and then sewing those rows together.

Easy Baby Quilt TutorialStep Four:

Add batting, if desired, and your minky fabric. I did this pretty easily by laying the minky fabric down (wrong side facing up), then batting, and then the quilt top. I then pinned the layers together and trimmed up the minky fabric and backing to match up to the quilt. After this, I trimmed the quilt to be straight on each side and a square all around.

Step Five:
Binding. Oh, binding. My least favorite part of a quilt. Before binding, you definitely could quilt the layers together. Due to this being so small and on minky fabric, I opted out of this.

I am horrible at binding, so check out this tutorial if you are needing some guidance.

Easy Baby Quilt Tutorial

And that’s it! Now it’s time to enjoy your quilt for your sweet little baby!