How To Go Days Between Hair Washes

how to go days between hair washes

Hello, my beautiful friends!!! As I write this, I am watching last nights American Horror Story, with all of the lights on, under a blanket, and the dogs right next to me. Oh. And every door locked to the extremity because – I am afraid of everything. Watching anything remotely scary doesn’t work.

Back to the hair. In high school, I had to wash my hair every day or it would be a major grease ball. Dry shampoo wasn’t a thing of normality quite yet (dang, did I just admit I’m old?), so washing my blonde, oil piled hair every morning before school was a necessity. Due to the constant need to keep my hair looking nice and pulled together, I was constantly rinsing the natural oils from my hair which prevented my locks from growing and being healthy. I had such short hair and it looked yellow and brassy from the constant washing. It also wouldn’t hold any style a few hours into the day. It was beyond annoying.

How To Go Days Between Hair WashesOmg. Look at those greasy roots. Lord, help that hair. Thank goodness I’m not in 2012 anymore.

When I got to college, I had no time to wash, dry, and style my hair every morning. I looked into so many options of what to do and started training my hair. I picked up a bottle of dry shampoo and set my plan into motion.
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Pink and Orange Smokey Eye | Makeup Monday

pink orange smokey eye tutorial

Hi friends!!! Today I am sharing a makeup look with you. Every Monday I will be showing you a new look, so I wanted to share a bright one today!
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Why I Threw All My Shampoos Away and Kept Monat

When I saw my friend’s before and after of one use using this shampoo I’ve never heard of, I immediately wanted it. If you have blonde hair, you know how hard it is to keep your hair from turning brassy. AND, if you’re trying to grow your hair out, you may be like me and have the hardest time. Monat promises to help you out in that department.

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The EASIEST Glitter Smokey Eye EVER!!!

In the words of Alaska, HIIIIIIIE!!!

So many of you have asked how to create a glitter, smokey eye that is not over the top. Well, your wish is my command. I created a super easy tutorial (video at the bottom of this post) for you guys! Check it out 🙂


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Watch Me Do My BF’s Sisters Make Up!!!

When I met Jake’s sister, I knew I liked her immediately. She loves makeup, is super sarcastic, and basically a mini me. This past weekend, Katy and I hit up Bridal Elegance and found her 2 dresses for her upcoming high school dances!

Katy asked me to do her makeup and I couldn’t say no. Doesn’t she look beautiful!?

Check out the video here: