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Hi, friends! Right now, as I type this, it is 11 pm at night. I was up, scrolling through Etsy, when I came across a gorgeous family portrait that was cross stitched. I immediately wanted to buy it so that I could stitch the girls, Jake, and myself. I found the owners Instagram and left a comment. It turns out Ris sells the actual, finished product. We got to chatting and I found out she is raising money for in-vetro fertilization (IVF). After reading one sentence, I knew I wanted to share her story, and her shop, with you guys.
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All Tea, No Shade + Random Thoughts

Hey guys! This is such a late post, but I wanted to show you the fun event that went on at Designs On The Boulevard. Peep that teacup – is it not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

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How I Overcome the Blues

It is no secret that some of us – if not all of us – have ups and downs, myself included. For the longest time it was hard to get over the slumps, but now I’ve mastered how to deal with it and keep the blues away a little longer. Here are my secrets to getting rid of the blues:

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Who Does Nick Vial Propose To?! | My Final 4 Picks

For those of us Bachelor fans, Nick Vial’s pick of women might have been a little sketchy so far. Like keeping Corrine when she is obviously a problem. Not really connecting with any ladies. Maybe it’s just me, but Nick hasn’t really been that great of a bachelor, so far.

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How I Made $300 in 3 Days on Poshmark

Have you been short on cash lately? I know that post-holiday blues have settled in, especially when checking our bank accounts (at least for me). Out of plain curiosity, I decided to download Poshmark.  I downloaded Poshmark a few years back and never really sold anything, so I wasn’t expecting too much. I had a complete opposite response, though.

I started off by listing some dresses I bought for New Years Eve that I wasn’t able to wear because I was sick. I then added some random jewelry, Kylie Cosmetics I didn’t really like, and some shoes. Everything sold so quickly. I became addicted and kept adding things… I now have 76 listings.

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Like any social media (because that is basically what Poshmark is), there is a strategy to it. You need followers for your items to be seen. You need your followers to share your items to give them – or you – more exposure. How did I accomplish this?

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