Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts For Men | 2017

We all know that men are a little hard to shop for, especially for Valentine’s Day. It was just Christmas, his birthday might be coming up – what do you get him for Valentine’s Day?! I have created a list of inexpensive products (think $10-$30) and two more pricey ones! Plus, almost ALL are Amazon Prime eligible, so order today and they’ll be here before Valentine’s Day.

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LuLaRoe – Is It Worth The Hype?!

Many of my readers have been asking me if I have tried LuLaRoe. Although my aunt and cousin (Hi, Tins!!!) are obsessed, I never got around to jumping into the hype. You guys know me, I love my deals. It was hard for me to justify $25 for a pair of leggings when I can get my favorite pair from Maurices for $12 with a coupon. However, you guys asked for a review so you are getting one!

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Wedding Dresses I Love

This holiday season, a day – no – an hour couldn’t go by without an engagement photo. I am so happy for everyone that will soon be tying the knot, but I can’t help but wish I could go dress shopping for the lucky ladies… Wedding dresses can be sooooo pretty. This being said, I spent a solid hour today just looking at dresses.

And no, before you guys even ask- I don’t plan on getting engaged or married anytime soon 😉

Here are some of my favorites:

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Shit I Like But Wouldn’t Buy

Ever get bored {probably while procrastinating} and scroll, scroll, scroll on Pinterest or Instagram and see a million and five things you want? Then, you click on the link (or search to find a website to sell this beautiful item) and you about fall out of the chair looking at the price? Yeah, me freakin too. Here’s a fun little narrative on my evening scrolling.

Wow. So cute. I could wear this on NYE. Or if my boyfriend took me on a fun date. Oooh, or on vacation.

THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS?! What the hell?! Is Free People selling me a new personality with this, too?

Back to scrolling.

Oh, mama. Wow. Sparkles. Gold. Ugh, my heart. That can’t be more than $50. No way.

Shit. I was wrong. Real wrong. $1,195. Is that real gold??? Someone tell me now. What in the literal hell. That’s more money than I make in forever working. How do people drop that on a clutch ???

Oooh, this looks like the Walmart purse all my crafter friends monogrammed last year. And now it comes with a wristlet??? OMG. Need. They’re like $10, I should order one for mom, too.

Welp. Nordstrom is selling them for $48. No freakin joke, these were $10 at Walmart last year and came in so many reversible colors. What the hell.

Ooo, black over the knee boots. I like. I wonder if UOI’s compare to these.

Holy shit. $798. Sorry, I’ll get a $50 pair from a boutique and save my rent money and my soul this month.

Damn. I’m either too broke or just a cheap ass. Or, just smart with my money.

How do rich people live? Like. Do they not feel bad buying $100 socks when you can but cheap socks at the Walmart?

I’m just. My mind is blown.

xo, Felly

Did Someone Say Ugly Sweaters?!

Hey, guys!

Guess what I get to do this upcoming weekend? Go to Chicago with my mom and best friend, Bailey! We are going to be attending the Macy’s Ugly Sweater event on Friday and I am so excited! This holiday party will be so much fun.

Speaking of ugly sweaters, here are some of my favorites I’ve seen:

Santa Paws – $24

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