Transition To Fall With Gingham and Jeans

Hi, friends!!!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite outfits to transition from summer to fall!

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Why I Threw All My Shampoos Away and Kept Monat

When I saw my friend’s before and after of one use using this shampoo I’ve never heard of, I immediately wanted it. If you have blonde hair, you know how hard it is to keep your hair from turning brassy. AND, if you’re trying to grow your hair out, you may be like me and have the hardest time. Monat promises to help you out in that department.

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Lace Skirts and Pink Pumps | Summer Outfit

Hiiiiiiiie, friends!!!

Today I am rocking an adorable look that is perfect for the summer. This summer outfit is perfect for a bridal shower, brunch, or just a fun day out! Plus, you can throw on a thin jacket and rock this in the fall, too!

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Off The Shoulder Top and Scallops

Hi, friends! Today I am showing you guys a tip from my Lazy Girl’s Guide. Lesson Number 1: How to dress like you tried when you really just woke up.

My favorite way to “dress up” is to pair an off the shoulder blouse, dark jeans, and my favorite scallop booties. The dark jeans make any top look more dressy. Off the shoulder tops are super trendy so you look fashionable, even though a lot of thought didn’t go into your look!

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