Work Appropriate Summer Outfit

Trying to find a work appropriate outfit in today’s marketplace CAN be a little hard. Lucky for you I found a comfy, yet cute, outfit to share with you. It is a light pink top tucked into wide cropped pants and worn with cute sandals. These pants are SO comfortable, but the only downside is that because they are wide cut, they aren’t the most flattering. Think of the comfort, though!

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xo, Felly

Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts For Men | 2017

We all know that men are a little hard to shop for, especially for Valentine’s Day. It was just Christmas, his birthday might be coming up – what do you get him for Valentine’s Day?! I have created a list of inexpensive products (think $10-$30) and two more pricey ones! Plus, almost ALL are Amazon Prime eligible, so order today and they’ll be here before Valentine’s Day.

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LuLaRoe – Is It Worth The Hype?!

Many of my readers have been asking me if I have tried LuLaRoe. Although my aunt and cousin (Hi, Tins!!!) are obsessed, I never got around to jumping into the hype. You guys know me, I love my deals. It was hard for me to justify $25 for a pair of leggings when I can get my favorite pair from Maurices for $12 with a coupon. However, you guys asked for a review so you are getting one!

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Wedding Dresses I Love

This holiday season, a day – no – an hour couldn’t go by without an engagement photo. I am so happy for everyone that will soon be tying the knot, but I can’t help but wish I could go dress shopping for the lucky ladies… Wedding dresses can be sooooo pretty. This being said, I spent a solid hour today just looking at dresses.

And no, before you guys even ask- I don’t plan on getting engaged or married anytime soon 😉

Here are some of my favorites:

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Shit I Like But Wouldn’t Buy

Ever get bored {probably while procrastinating} and scroll, scroll, scroll on Pinterest or Instagram and see a million and five things you want? Then, you click on the link (or search to find a website to sell this beautiful item) and you about fall out of the chair looking at the price? Yeah, me freakin too. Here’s a fun little narrative on my evening scrolling.

Wow. So cute. I could wear this on NYE. Or if my boyfriend took me on a fun date. Oooh, or on vacation.

THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS?! What the hell?! Is Free People selling me a new personality with this, too?

Back to scrolling.

Oh, mama. Wow. Sparkles. Gold. Ugh, my heart. That can’t be more than $50. No way.

Shit. I was wrong. Real wrong. $1,195. Is that real gold??? Someone tell me now. What in the literal hell. That’s more money than I make in forever working. How do people drop that on a clutch ???

Oooh, this looks like the Walmart purse all my crafter friends monogrammed last year. And now it comes with a wristlet??? OMG. Need. They’re like $10, I should order one for mom, too.

Welp. Nordstrom is selling them for $48. No freakin joke, these were $10 at Walmart last year and came in so many reversible colors. What the hell.

Ooo, black over the knee boots. I like. I wonder if UOI’s compare to these.

Holy shit. $798. Sorry, I’ll get a $50 pair from a boutique and save my rent money and my soul this month.

Damn. I’m either too broke or just a cheap ass. Or, just smart with my money.

How do rich people live? Like. Do they not feel bad buying $100 socks when you can but cheap socks at the Walmart?

I’m just. My mind is blown.

xo, Felly