Our New Home, Latest Hospital Trip + Bruush Toothbrush Review


Hi friends! I hope ya’ll have been doing well. Things have been a little crazy around here lately. Almost a month ago, we moved into our new home. It took a few days, but we finally got moved in and settled – it feels like home! After we were settled in, we had an unexpected trip to the ER for baby girl.

Usually, I feel the baby move or kick every two hours. It’s like clockwork. Suddenly, I started to get sharp pains in my upper right abdomen. I brushed it off as round ligament pain – because that’s what the doctor says every bit of pain is. The pain continued over the next 4 days, progressively getting worse, more intense, and lasting a longer time. Throughout this pain, I stopped feeling the baby move. She didn’t move for five days. On the fourth evening of pain, I bent over and immediately doubled over in pain. I had horrible cramping pain around my belly button. I ended up laying on the bathroom floor, trying to wait out the pain, and crying. Seriously, it hurt. I thought of everything that could be wrong – was I miscarrying? Gallbladder messing up? Gut being weird? Eventually, we came to the conclusion that I needed to go to the hospital.

Locally, our emergency room receives pretty horrid reviews. Normally, I wouldn’t go there, BUT the pain was pretty bad and I wanted to get her heartbeat checked. The next ER is an hour away. So, I check into the hospital, have to pee in a cup, same ol’ same ol’. One of the first things said to me is, “We aren’t a labor and delivery hospital, so there isn’t much we can do.” All the while, I hear the other nurses talking outside of my room about another patient that is going into labor at the time. If ya can’t take care of pregnant women, send them somewhere else maybe?

The doctor found her heartbeat pretty quickly, which was such a relief to me, but I still couldn’t feel her and didn’t understand why. They brought in a dusty ultrasound machine that looked like it was last used before I was even born. It took the doctor forever and a half to figure out how to use the ultrasound machine, but when he did, he found the baby and commented on how she was “alarmingly small.” I was kind of annoyed because the ultrasound guru at my doctor’s office always finds the baby around my belly button, but the doctor at the emergency room was literally halfway down my pubic bone. It was super awkward. He basically said there was nothing else they could do for my pain but give me Tylenol and for me to follow up with my doctor. Ok, cool.


The next day, my doctor had me come in for urgent ultrasounds and an appointment. Our baby girl measured in the 11th percentile at the last appointment that was just two weeks prior, but at this appointment she grew to the 26th percentile. During the appointment, I was told that the emergency room doctor wrote in the notes that the baby was alarmingly small, in birthing position, and very low. My OB thought the doctor was saying I was going into labor and just sent me home. When my OB went over baby girls scans and whatnot, he said everything was fine. She is head down, but not too small and not too low.

For my pain, the ER doc mentioned preeclampsia. I was WORRIED. I do not want to have this baby early. I want her to stay inside as long as she needs to. My OB completely ruled this out. He said the pain is my Endometriosis and scar tissue being stretched by the baby. So, I’ll probably need another surgery to get all of that taken out after the baby is born. He said everything about me is normal and perfect, and the baby, too. She’s just a small girl!

Basically, I went to the ER just to get more scared haha.

BUT. I tell you all of this because pregnancy is freaking weird. One of the weirdest parts is my teeth and gums. Often, pregnant women experience their gums bleeding during pregnancy (that was one of my first symptoms!). It has been a struggle to find a toothbrush that didn’t hurt my gums when I brushed and I finally found one.

Previously, I used the Foreo toothbrush and other battery powered toothbrushes. Now, I am using the Bruush. It has so many different settings – from daily to gentle to whitening to your tongue! The pressure and speed changes on the brush to give you the perfect amount of movement to reach your desired cleanliness in your mouth.

Why do I like the Bruush more than the others? To start, the settings are phenomenal. I like using different ones, especially when my gums are acting up. The presentation of the brush is also more chic, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing. Mine is pink (yesss, my favorite color!). I also enjoy the bristles more. On the Foreo toothbrush, the bristles are rubbery. As you use the toothbrush, they eventually get loose and wiggly. I felt I was constantly replacing the toothbrush head. I like my bristles to stay firm which is something my Bruush toothbrush has done. I also feel like the settings on every other toothbrush I have used are very lackluster compared to Bruush.

Another upside of Bruush is the cost. The Foreo toothbrush was $200. The Bruush toothbrush is $69 and has free shipping. They also offer a subscription service so you pay $6 per brush head and they ship directly to your home – my ultimate lazy girl dream! My only downside of the Bruush is that it’s intensity can sometimes be too much and can spritz some of the water off of the toothbrush when you turn it on and it isn’t in your mouth.


Using the Bruush mechanical toothbrush has helped these pregnant gums so much! My mouth feels cleaner and I love how pretty my new toothbrush is!

Other than these crazy symptoms and pains, pregnancy has been pretty good! Let me know your crazy stories below!