The Easiest Burp Rag Tutorial | Under $10 Baby DIY

burp rag tutorial

Hello friends!!! Today I am bringing you a burp rag tutorial. While shopping for Baby R, I have realized how incredibly expensive baby items are simply because they are for babies. I found an adorable pack of burp rags – they had cute animals on them and were so soft. But, for a pack of 4, they were $14. Fourteen dollars!!! After seeing that, I was inspired to make my own burp rags. I was able to pay 11 for only $6!!! Here is how:


What you need:

– 1/2 yard of terrycloth or minky fabric (mine cost $2.75)
– 3 fabric fat quarters or scrap fabric (Usually 99 cents each)
– Scissors or a fabric cutter
– Thread
Sewing machine or hand sewing needle


  1. First, we are going to cut out the fabric. I used a burp rag I already had as a template which was 7″ by 10″. To make the burp rag that size after it has been sewn, I cut the fabric to 7.5″ by 10.5″ and planned to sew on 1/4″ seam. Cut out your terrycloth and patterned fabric to this size.
  2. Pin wrong sides together.burp rag tutorial
  3. Next, we are going to sew the wrong sides together and leave about a 1.5″ gap at the start and end of our stitches. You need this hole so that you can flip the burp rag right side out when you are done sewing.
    burp rag tutorial
  4. After you have flipped the burp rag right side out, stitch along the outside at 1/4″. Make sure that the hole fabric is tucked in (pin it if you need to!) so that the stitches catch that area and keep it closed.
  5. Once you are finished sewing, trim the excess thread and BAM. You have made a super easy, yet cute, burp rag. I washed mine in my baby safe detergent to get them prepared for little girls sensitive skin.

And that’s it guys! How easy was this burp rag tutorial?! I made 11 out of the fat quarters I purchased and some scrap fabric I had. The key to doing this at an inexpensive cost is to use coupons and look for sales. Don’t forget to check out the post I made on my babies first quilt! Super easy, too!

Besides this burp rag tutorial, what do you guys want to see from me next? I was thinking of doing a tutorial on bibs. Let me know below!